Sci Fi on the Horizon

Are you a fan of Sci-Fi novels? Well if you are, you will love my next two reads. I was contacted by two authors who were interested in me reading their Sci-Fi novels and possibly the chance to interview them very soon. This is fantastic opportunity for me to get stuck into a genre I’ve always wanted to explore. The great thing about the Sci-Fi genre is that it is full of imagination and that means wonderfully detailed and creative descriptions about planets and star systems that could possibly exist out there. Imagine reading a book like this and afterwards looking up into the night’s sky and watching the stars. What if there really is live elsewhere? It is this kind of thought process that really intrigues me.

Ok, enough babbling, onto the books.

The first is a novel by Katy Krump and is called Blue Dust: Forbidden. It is available now in eBook but the paperback is released in November 2012.

Qea (Pronounced Kee-ah) is a girl with an unusual history. She comes from a distant galaxy where warlords rule the law and corruption is rife, so she must become hard to survive, but here on earth a young man will change her heart and risk her life, changing it forever.

All teenage girls keep secrets and Kerry Johnston is no exception. More than anyone else she knows how to lie, for ‘Kerry’ is an alias and her life is a nightmare of secrecy, violence and fear. In reality this overweight, limping teenage girl is Qea, a Forbidden child from the Qarntaz Octad, sent to Earth to hide from the warlord she has betrayed. Born third into her family in an overpopulated world where surplus offspring are Forbidden and killed or delivered as fodder for the malevolent Inquisitors, Qea has spent her life in hiding.

Other Systems by American author, Elizabeth Guizzetti is the second Sci-Fi novel on my reading agenda. It has already been published in April 2012 and has met some wonderful reader reviews.

Ten large ships race toward Earth, broadcasting in every language: “Brothers and sisters, we come in peace and in need. We have found our way home.” The fear of a coming invasion begins the worldwide riots of 3062.

Yet, not all Earthlings fear attack. The newcomers, long lost descendants of Earth, speak of a paradise ninety-four light years away. Kipos is a land of plenty where there has never been hunger, murder, or war. However, they need more healthy young immigrants for the colony to thrive.

Many accept their offer to be tested. After assessment, Abby Boyd Lei is among the chosen. She leaves the protection of her family with dreams of higher education, a good job, and a kind-hearted spouse.

Will Kipos be everything she imagined? Abby is about to discover the cost of utopia.

I will most certainly be looking forward to delving in to discover what these novels have to offer. Are you a Sci-Fi fan? If so, what are some of your favourite novels or authors? Join in the discussions and start a trail. If you have never really read many Sci-Fi novels, why not join me? Get downloading these two titles and we can progress together!

*On a side note, watch out for my upcoming posts. A review of Australian author Dianne Gray’s YA Thriller ‘The Everything Theory’ and an interview with ‘Jimmy Threepwood’ author Rich Pitman, which will include a competition!* … Stay Tuned

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