The JK Rowling Hype

 It is extremely hard to go anywhere today without the huge hype surrounding JK Rowling’s new adult novel ‘The Casual Vacancy’ hitting you bang square in the face. Waterstones alone have been promoting the book nonstop for the last what, five months? As soon as i found out about the release i promised myself that i wouldn’t be sucked into it all. Was i even remotely interested in this book? No. No i wasn’t and for some considerable time i managed to stay away from all of the internet reports, the author interviews, the shocking reaction about the simplest of book sleeves.

I couldn’t keep it up. Damn! I think i made it worse for myself. The not knowing of what the book was even about seemed to taunt me in my sleep, it was like one of those awful itches that just don’t bloody go away, despite when you’ve itched at it for hours. Ok so i, tentatively approached the synopsis on booksellers websites. I found myself coming away feeling rather curious about this little town of Pagford. I think what caught my attention the most was actually was not written in the synopsis. It was so vague and well written, you just couldn’t help but wonder what on earth was going on.

Now, i will be honest, and this honesty has gotten me some unfriendly emails in the past so please no unsavoury comments. I didn’t like Harry Potter. In fact i thought the entire series was pretty poor with uninteresting characters and plots that moved on so laboriously slowly i found it hard to keep my attention. What i do praise JK Rowling for though is her unnerving approach at getting children and adults too, back into reading. My hat goes off to you.

The thing is I haven’t bought this book … not yet anyway. And i am sure it will be some time before i do. I admit it though, i do want to read it and i will try my best to start again with JK Rowling, as if i have never come across the boy wizard at all. I will do so with trepidation however. I really don’t want it to be a bad book, because if it is i know i will kick myself for getting sucked into this JK Rowling hype once again. I wish her all the best with the book, i honestly do.

If you’ve managed to read the book, please leave a comment or get in touch and let me know what your thoughts on it were. Good and bad are welcome.

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4 thoughts on “The JK Rowling Hype

  1. Wow – the power of advertising! I’ve seen notes in shops requesting people preorder copies and it isn’t even out yet.

    If only we all had that kind of backing for our work! 😀

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