Can You Type One Handed . . .

I’ve had a bit of rubbish week really. You know when one problem happens and then another and then another … well it’s been that kind of week for me and to make matters worse I am now sat at my computer with my arm in a sling! *great*

I’ve had some pain in my left shoulder for a few days, but put it down to just pulling a muscle whilst i have been at work. Apparently not. After i couldn’t sleep, i took a trip the hospital because it was becoming too much and as it turned out, I’ve damaged the rotary cuff in my left shoulder, which means four muscles and a tendon, or so i am told. The nurse has kindly signed me off work for a week, but i am hoping that everything starts to look up after this set back.

Have you ever tried typing with one hand? At first it is really annoying, but actually when you build up a sort of rhythm it gets much easier. Anyhow, yesterday was not great. I think the painkillers i was prescribed are giving me headaches, so i am going to test that out today. All i seemed to do yesterday was just lay in bed, but at one o’clock this morning (AM) i did finally get around to watching ‘Chocolat’ on my laptop (a gift from my best friend). It’s the sort of film you expect not to like, but actually you get sucked in to the gorgeous little French village. I suppose it is a sort of guilty pleasure DVD really.

Anyhow, since i am pretty much stuck with this injury and cannot get on with too much Writing work, i feel it is about time i caught up on my reading list. I have never had so many books on the go at once! I am about half way through Candace Knoebel’s ‘Born in Flames’, which she kindly sent me as a small gift for the interview i did. You can read the interview here if you missed it.

I am also reading Rich Pitman’s debut novel ‘Jimmy Threepwood and the Veil of Darkness‘. It isn’t released until the middle of October, but i managed to get a sneak preview copy sent to me from his publisher as preview material for an interview i will be conducting with him ready for the release of the book. If you are a fan of Children’s fiction or have a son (aged 7-12) that loves to read, be sure to stay tuned for the interview and review.

I am actually looking forward to lazily sitting around on the settee and spending time reading. The only thing that concerns me though is how on earth am i going to get any housework done? It’s hard enough trying to make a cup of tea with the use of just one hand … Wish me luck!

You can of course befriend me on Goodreads – i look forward to talking to you :0)

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