The Black Petal Update

I’ve managed to get all of my notes typed up and all of the chapters officially sorted now, so thankfully I can now start the edits. There are some significant changes I need to make, but for now I am going to concentrate all of my efforts into just editing. But what does editing really mean?

Well, at this point I am looking at sentence structure and the dialogue. I have a pack of shiny new coloured pens and each chapter is in a separate folder. How organised am I? Therefore I can go through each chapter line by line and see what needs to be tightened up. I’ve already removed / changed some dialogue because I didn’t like how it all sounded. Reading out aloud really does help distinguish what sounds good and fortunately what doesn’t sound so good. It also helps to distinguish each character’s unique voice.

At this very minute, The Black Petal is just about 75,000 words longs. Does anybody know just how long a decent novel really is? I suppose it doesn’t really matter to tell you the truth.

I also have a brand new writing pad, which I plan to fill with important notes; notes for what I need to do next with the next draft. It’s all very exciting actually, because it really does mean I am moving ever closer to the final product.

After failing many times, I have now set up a Facebook page just for The Black Petal. So it would really mean a lot if you go on over there and ‘Like’ the page to follow the progress. It all looks a little bland at the minute, but as I get use to the new Facebook userface, I am sure I can get it looking in tip top shape. Click here, to hop on over and give us a ‘Like’.

It really is important to start promoting the book now, even though I am yet to get a publishing deal. Everyone’s interest can really help influence whether or not a publisher takes a risk on a new author. If anyone has any tips or advice they would like to share, please do! Get in touch.

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3 thoughts on “The Black Petal Update

  1. Hey, Dan – 75,000 words is fine for a novel 🙂

    You seem to be very well organised which is great!

    You can put a link to your FB page on the right toolbar where your Twitter updates are and that way you won’t have to put a new link into every blog.

    I’m going to check your FB link out now and ‘like’ you 😀

    1. Thanks Dianne, I’ll check that out 🙂 also thanks for taking the time to come back to my blog each time. I really do appreciate the support 🙂

      1. No worries, Dan. It’s good 🙂

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