Author Interview: Candace Knoebel

I had the great opportunity to ask author Candace Knoebel about her upcoming debut novel ‘Born in Flames’ the other day. It has been evident to see from her bubbly personality that she is extremely excited about the prospect of becoming a published author for the first time. Her first dream however, was always to become a dancer on the stage, possibly in New York. However it was her love of reading and her creative drive that changed her mind and pushed her to become a writer. She is a lover of many different genres ranging from modern bestsellers such as the Harry Potter series and Twilight, to classics such as Jane Eyre and The Catcher in the Rye.

Her debut novel, ‘Born in Flames’ released on 6th September 2012 and published by 48Fourteen Publishing, is an Urban Fantasy and YA fiction novel featuring lead character Aurora Megalos and her discovery that she is in fact part dragon. It’s a book that sees her try to discover her past to comfort her present and the discoveries she makes along the way ultimately leads to a pending question. Is she to face evil and remember her past or allow the safety of the unknown to keep her firmly rooted in our world. With an eerie prophecy retold by a crazed seer and a mysterious enemy on her heels at every turn, ‘Born in Flames’ is a novel you won’t want to miss.

Here is the interview:

  • Born in Flames, your debut novel, sounds extremely inviting. A girl that is descended from Dragons! Tell us a little about how the story started and became what it is.

Born in Flames started in 2009. I have a really short attention span and get bored pretty easily. I simply sat down one night, started typing, and have been at it ever since! I’ve always love writing; I just never considered it a career. That is, until I wrote this novel. I wouldn’t trade it for the world and am glad that boredom exists!

  • I’ve read that Born in Flames is actually the first part of a trilogy. Do you have it all planned out or are you going to play around and see where you end up?

Yes it is pretty much planned out. The second novel, Embracing the Flames, is complete and going through my final read-through. Once I feel I’m happy with it, I will submit it to my publisher and wait for the real fun to begin. As for the third, I will begin writing when the second goes to the publisher. I have an idea of where it is going, but the fun of writing is in all of the details, unexpected characters, and scenes that pop up unexpectedly.

  • Tell us about some of the characters we’ll meet in Born in Flames. Do you have a particular favourite? Is there one that you wish to develop further in later books?

The main characters are Aurora and Fenn. Out of the two, I’d have to be partial and go with Aurora. She’s feisty, courageous, hardheaded, kind…everything I’d want to read in a Heroine. Fenn on the other hand balances her out. He’s funny, quirky, loving, protective (to a fault), and he’s her very best friend. As for the development of a character, there’s a new race that I brought into the second novel and one character in particular that weighs heavily on my mind. I think we will see more of her in the third.



  • The cover art is very exquisite, is Aurora portrayed how you imagined her?

I totally agree! It was done by Ravven. She is exactly how I imagined her! I was lucky enough to be included on the process for the cover with my publisher and Ravven. I gave them a paragraph’s worth of description and Ravven rolled with it. The only thing that is different is her scales. They are described as ruby red and mirrored.

  • Is the fantasy genre a particular favourite of yours?

Oh yes!!! Always has been and always will be! I also go for YA/Paranormal Romance/ Dystopian…things of that nature.

  • Who are your favourite authors and have they influenced you in any way?

First and foremost I’d have to say J.K. Rowling. She is my biggest inspiration. I started reading Harry Potter when I was 11, which is right around the time when her first novel was released, so I’ve pretty much grown up with him. It broke my heart when the last book was out and I devoured it in a matter of days. I’d be lying if I said she didn’t influence me.

  • I’ve read that you started writing Born in Flames during your lunch breaks and late into the night, once your children were tucked happily in bed. How important is it to stick to a routine?

I think it’s very important. At least for me. Like I mentioned above, I get easily sidetracked, so if I don’t have a schedule, I feel lost. Back then though, I was working a full-time job so it was even more crucial to have a schedule. Now I am a stay-at-home mom, so I squeeze it in whenever I can.

  • It is easy to say ‘Believe in your Dreams’ but at times I bet the writing and publishing process can be extremely frustrating? When things aren’t going as smoothly as you hoped, what ways do you cheer yourself up and get your mind focused back into writing?

It’s funny that you ask this. I’ve found in the publishing industry that things definitely don’t go as planned, especially if you are going with traditional rather than self-publishing like I have. The fate of your novel rests in your publisher’s or agent’s hands. I wouldn’t trade a minute of it though! To cheer me up when the chips are down; I call my bestie Sonya. She is my rock and she always knows what to say to pull me out of my funks. I highly recommend a bestie!

  • If you could describe Born in Flames in just five words, what would they be?

Haha…save the best for last. Hmmm… Where magic meets everyday life.

A huge thanks to Candace for answering those questions. Candace, i wish you luck with your series and look forward to reading it in the near future. Born in Flames is available in eBook format for Nook and Kindle. You can purchase it on the 6th September 2012 at the publisher’s website and get a free PDF file too, so even if you do not own an eReader device, you can still read it on your computer. It is an American novel, but they take payment by PayPal, which converts the currency of your own country for you so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, there is no excuse. Get downloading!

Here is the trailer for Born in Flames, created by Candace herself


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15 thoughts on “Author Interview: Candace Knoebel

  1. Thank you Dan! This is lovely!! You’ve done such a wonderful job portraying my novel considering you haven’t had the chance to read it yet. I appreciate this so much!

    You’re wonderful. ♥

    1. It was my pleasure. Books of all kind need love and attention, they are all important to me and I really encourage reading in any format to people of all ages.

      If you are feeling low or down, a really good book can pick you right back up. Books can stay with you forever 🙂

      1. I totally agree with you! I just wish I had more time to read myself…

  2. What an awesome Interview Dan! Can’t wait for the release date – been stalking B&N waiting for that epic moment 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked it Sonya. I imagine it can be tough over there in the US, but especially here in the UK; being a first time author, it can be so difficult to get noticed by an agent or publisher.

      The magazines are full of Author interviews with well known writers. I think it is important to get to know newbie authors too; their hard work deserves it!

      1. It’s nice to have all the extra voices in getting new Authors out there. And it’s especially nice to see such an outpouring of help offered to Candace as she starts this journey of being a new Author with a debut novel. It’s fellow Authors’ such as yourself that will make all the difference when her novel hits the “e-shelf”!!!

  3. Great interview. And what an intriguing trailer. I saw on Candace’s blog that the book goes live today. I’m excited for her.

    1. Thanks for reading Staci, I’m sure Candace is so grateful for all the support!

  4. Exellent interview. Well done and looking forward to reading the book 🙂

  5. Great interview, Dan! I think I’ll be sure to check this novel and author out, as I haven’t heard of it before you showed it to me. Thank you for the commenting and sharing. I always love a great suggestion.

    1. Thanks Shannon. Candace is a lovely down to earth author who loves to connect with her readers. I’m sure she’d love the support :0)

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