Music & Teenagers

I was flicking through my iPod yesterday as I tried to cool down on my bed in front of the fan and decided to give a listen to an old favourite album of mine. The thing with iPods is that you can shuffle the songs and not listen to certain ones for days at a time, well if you have a few thousand songs on it that is. But also, the easy creation of playlists can actually prevent you from hearing songs you had put to the back of your head.

Have you ever listened to the radio and heard a song and thought to yourself ‘I completely forgot how good that was?’ Well, giving a listen to Amy Studt’s ‘False Smiles’ album got that reaction from me. The thing is ‘False Smiles’ for me was one of a few albums that helped me through my teenage years. It was a particularly hard time and I only found comfort in a few select albums that either made me feel better because of its upbeat sound or because the music ‘understood’ what I was going through.

It is quite a clichéd thought now, but back then it all made sense to me. I would lie on my bed with the music blaring out of my CD player (which was instantly made obsolete the very first time I got an MP3 player) and follow each song along with the lyric booklet found inside. It was as if Amy Studt herself was singing just for me, she understood my pain and hearing the words not only gave the problems meaning, but also gave me some angst to fend them off.

I can’t help but wonder if teenagers do that still today? With so much dance music out there today hitting the mainstream charts, it seems so hard to relate to that sort of genre. Or perhaps maybe I have actually grown too old for the music that hits the popularity scale today. I do not like Lady Gaga’s music. I find it too vague and written either as a gimmick or to obviously appeal to every minority group she can think of. It is a scary thought that if I was a teenager today, I may not have faired well with the music of today, or further still finding solace in music so annoyingly overplayed.

I think it is a haunting thought that I am in fact nearly twenty five and not that far out of my teenage years, but when I say teenage years I mean 13 – 16 really, which if you think about it is actually over ten years ago, and let’s face it, music can easily change in a few years never mind ten. I wonder if the early twenty something’s back then, found the music that comforted me ten years ago, actually thought about that in a way I find the music of now so un – listenable?

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3 thoughts on “Music & Teenagers

  1. Hey Dan, some of the best songs I’ve heard are when I put the iPod on ‘shuffle’ (I have been known to buy an album because I like one song!)
    Agree with you about the music – although apparently the older generation hated Elvis Presley! I find it really hard to like the music I hear now, but there are some gems (though few and far between). I find music is like a time machine, I listen to it and I’m immediately transported back to the place where I listened to it over and over again. When I was traveling (hitchhiking) around the coast in my younger years (no one does this now days and that’s a good thing!) I listened to Van Morrison and when I hear him sing now it takes me back to that time and I can hear the sound of the waves and the birds and smell sea spray off the ocean.
    PS – Love this post

    1. Hi Dianne, you are very right! Music is such a powerful thing. I love how if I’m feeling down or in a little bit of a mood, listening to music can simply pick you right up again.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment x

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