The Big E ….. Edits!

Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking of editing when I’ve still got half a chapter left to finish before the first draft of The Black Petal is completed, but I cant help but dread how much of a nightmare it is going to be. I’ve often thought to myself ‘what bits can be cut out?’ and if im being completely honest, I simply cannot bring myself to delete chunks of my story.

I’ve actually done it before and although was pleased at the time, actually found myself going in to my computer logs to ‘bring back’ the numerous paragraphs I spent so long constructing. One of the hardest obstacles I have come across in this area is how to overcome the ‘I’m the writer and I know it all’ complex. This sounds so snobby doesn’t it? What I mean is that as the writer you know all the interwoven plots, what is going to happen where and when, but the reader doesn’t. Can you really become ‘The Reader’ and start from scratch erasing all memory of you work so that the story only reads as it comes across. Does that make sense?

Despite the half a chapter I still need to write, I have got numerous notes in a separate notepad with edits and changes to be made. Perhaps it won’t be as difficult as I suspect it will be? From doing my research, I have discovered that some authors struggle with the editing process whilst others seem to be a pro. I guess practice will make me better at it, but as it is my first novel I want to get it right first time around, naturally.

Are there any writers out there who are currently in the storm of the editing process? Any first time writers out there struggling with it at this very moment? Let me know, come and have a chat.

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1 thought on “The Big E ….. Edits!

  1. I’m not far from embarking on this phase myself and I’m equally worried! I know what you mean about becoming the reader; there might be a section that only makes sense to me because I obviously have more knowledge about the story! I guess you just have to keep that in mind as you read through …

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