True Blood: It’s a Weird One

So I’ve just finished watching True Blood Season 4, you know the show I mean don’t you. Vampires and humans trying to live peacefully side by side, with faeries, werewolves and god knows everything else chucked in to boot. I know Season 5 is currently on inAmerica, but I am little behind, you’ll have to forgive me.

After watching the first two seasons, I couldn’t wait to read the books by Charlaine Harris. As of yet, Dead Until Dark (Book #1) is collecting internet dust on my Amazon wish list, but yet I still sky+ the TV series which is shown on FX.

I’m sorry to say, but Season 4 is the worst to date. It use to be so exciting and thrilling to watch, but this time around I couldn’t have been more bored. I hope the books aren’t like this. For one, Sookie (played by Anna Paquin) got on my nerves. She is such a whining, miserable, hypocritical main character and I was preying deep down that someone would just come and kill the lass. Though I suppose, I also knew deep down this wouldn’t actually happen. Was she meant to be annoying? I highly doubt it.

Whilst the obvious connection with Twilight shines through, I’ve always found the series to be much better than Stephanie Meyer’s dire adventures and although I haven’t seen any of the films, I get the picture that True Blood has always been better written and converted to the screen. I’ve always been a fan of Alan Ball’s work (Six Feet Under etc) but some of the writing in this series has been truly awful. Does anybody agree with me?

I nearly choked on my Chinese Takeaway when it was revealed thatLafayettewas a medium who could channel the lives of ghosts. Not with surprise or shock mind you, but with absolutely hysterical laughter. I mean what a joke! Why can’t they just stay humans? Why does everyone whom surprisingly has gone on for three previous seasons suddenly have to ‘discover’ that they too have supernatural gifts? Did the writers struggle to come up with storylines? I have always assumed that they are based (albeit somewhat loosely) on the books?

I did like Jessica’s character I have to say. Her character does seem to evolve in this one and is expertly played by Deborah Ann Woll. She seems to struggle with many conflicting emotions and even though she makes the wrong choices some times, it’s inevitable that as the viewer, you feel for her predicament.

Sex has never really bothered me in TV shows or films. I loved the TV show ‘Rome’ which had sex and nudity in abundance and the previous seasons of True Blood, though at times were completely unnecessary, always managed to look authentic. This season however just threw it in whenever they saw fit. Sookie was always at it, and even when she wasn’t she was imagining it. Her brother Jason too gets raped by lots of girls in their bid to get impregnated.

At the end of the series though, I weirdly found myself hooked and wanting to watch the next series, which unfortunately won’t be shown here in theUKuntil October-ish time. It’s strange that isn’t it? You seemingly cannot be bothered with something until it ends and then realise that actually you want it to continue. Though I do hope Alan Ball and all of the writers associated with True Blood buck their ideas up and at least make Sookie (the main character mind you) that little less annoying, failing that I think I’ll end up backing my face against the TV.

You can buy Season Four on DVD now from Amazon

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